Trip in the Media

In addition to being a performer, I am an educator and activist. I’ve made it my mission to help people understand the adult industry and normalize healthy sexual behavior. As a transgender sex worker, I am in a unique place to speak about issues that impact both fellow sex workers as well as the people who watch us.

I have been interviewed as part of several projects on transgender people as well as adult workers more broadly.

You can find some interviews and other information at the links below:

I was quoted in the Lustry Blog about sex worker and trans rights

I was quoted in Business Insider about economic trends

I was profiled in Philadephia Weekly as a model and activist.

I appeared on the Pornhub blog for Trans Day of Visiblity

I was profiled in Mister B Wings talking about my work

I was interviewed in Culturas about ideological attacks on the adult industry.

I was interviewed by Gareth Johnson for an article in MeanHappy

I appeared in Advocate magazine in an article.

I was involved in a video interview for Xtube

I appeared in the Advocate in a piece on trans/nonbinary performers

I chatted with SWCEO about being a marginalized model

I talked with Jason Collins (2 part interview) about being a trans model, dating, and masculinity.

I appeared on The Rocket Review to talk about porn, transness, and the state of the world.

I was interviewed on Elle Stanger’s podcast talking about being a transmasc model.

I talked with Jessie Sage on the Peepshow Podcast about being a sex worker

I spoke on the Daddy Issues podcast about sexuality and my experiences.

I appeared on the Pornhub Podcast with Asa Akira talking about my industry experiences.

I spoke with Andrew Gurza on their podcast Disability after Dark

I am available for speaking engagements and educational presentations on topics related to transgender people, sex work, and sexual education. Contact me by email ( for rates and information on those options.